My mum got complimented on her “granddaughter” today. Me. Owch.

Performing when trans

I’m performing tomorrow and Thursday. I’m nervous. I’m singing. My voice makes me feel so shitty because it is quite high up. All but one of my performances tomorrow involves singing. Two of the five sets on Thursday involve singing. I love singing. But my voice being so high and girly really upsets me. I’ve … More Performing when trans


I don’t like them. I know I am not alone in that. Well, I don’t like them on me. On other people they are fine. On me they are the Himalayan mountains, they are the moobs, the chesticles: you name it I’ve probably used that word in some form to describe them. Part of the … More boobs

Shots fired!

Today I had my monthly injection of whatever it actually is that they inject me with to block the estrogen. When my nurse had to do her first one she didn’t know what she was doing, I guess it is important to remember that you are probably their first. It took two nurses 45 minutes … More Shots fired!

My first post

I am a 17 year old FTM transitioning on the NHS. I’ve noticed a distinct lack of blogs or sites dedicated to this and I’m hoping I can help someone with this blog. Basically, I had been telling the adults (parents, GP, CAMHS, etc) since I was 12. When I was 15 my CAMHS worker started … More My first post