My first post

I am a 17 year old FTM transitioning on the NHS. I’ve noticed a distinct lack of blogs or sites dedicated to this and I’m hoping I can help someone with this blog.

Basically, I had been telling the adults (parents, GP, CAMHS, etc) since I was 12. When I was 15 my CAMHS worker started to take me seriously and worked at getting a referral to the Tavistock. I endured about five(I think, I’m not sure) therapy appointments there before he would refer me to the paediatric endocrinologist. The first Tavistock appointment was mostly him getting to know all my background and family situation and he gave me a lot of forms to fill out. It felt like a massive waste of time, to trek to London for that. The next few involved him asking me lots of things I felt uncomfortable with about sex and stuff. Finally he referred me to the paediatric endocrinologist for Hormone Blockers because I couldn’t cope with Satan’s sacrificial waterfall. I had to talk about how I knew I wasn’t going to grow any taller and I knew all it would do would stop my menstrual cycle because I was too old for it to have any developments to stop. The only reason I wanted this was so that I didn’t have to cope with The Apocalypse whilst waiting for T. My first appointment with the Endo they took my blood and talked a lot and then looked at me genitals to make sure they looked normal or something idk. That made me feel very unwell, it’s an awful experience but it has to be done, I guess. Then the next appointment was for them to check my bone density. If your bone density is ok then you have to trek all the way down to London again to have a nurse stab you in the bottom with a needle. Luckily you only have to have your first shot in London, the rest can be done at your GP by a Nurse.

Oh, another thing you have to wait for is for your area to approve the treatment. This took about a year for me for reasons I do not know. Just don’t expect your transition to happen as quickly as you would like on the NHS. I mean, it has been five years and I’m only just on puberty blockers.


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