I superglued my packer to me

The title says it all, pretty much.  I was feeling dysphoric and I thought hey I might as well superglue my packer to me. At least it’s like a super cheap packer so if it gets destroyed I can afford another one. I mean it’s not the smartest thing I’ve done but I know people use superglue to seal cuts and they haven’t died from it so a bit of superglue on my pubic area won’t harm me (I hope), not that I’d advise it to anyone. The biggest problem I have so far is that it pulls on my pubic hair because it mostly stuck to those and so without support it is uncomfortable. Maybe I should have shaved that area. 

This blog seems to be my word vomit place. I’m sorry that this post really was tmi.


3 thoughts on “I superglued my packer to me

    1. It fell off. Super glue apparently isn’t very good. It hurts when it is falling off because it is tugging less and less skin. It takes like half a day to fall off. Unless you have hair there in which case it takes about four days to pull all the hair out (OWCH) and fall off.
      I wish it would just stay there forever. It would make me a lot happier. Hmm. I shall look into ways of forcing my packer to be stuck there for like a decent amount of time.


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