That time I wasn’t treated well for appendicitis 

My mum took me to the gp and most of the male gp’s said it was nothing, it took the female gp(who is now my favourite because she actually cares) deciding that I shouldn’t be having constant “period pains”. She referred me to the hospital and so I ended up on a scary ward with lots of adults (because I was 16 so I had literally just missed the children’s ward by like 6 months…). It was all fine when the doctors read me as male and they treated me like an actual human being and were actually concerned that I might have appendicitis or some other thing that I can’t remember the name of. When I explained that the pains felt like extreme period pain and then I had to explain why I knew what that felt like (I had assumed they had known that I was trans) and then the doctor insisted on seeing my genitals. I cried because I didn’t like the big man having his hands poking me down there and then he got a different doctor to come in to also look and poke. They admitted they had only looked because they were curious, they had no reason to look. That caused a fair bit of trauma and made me unable to stay in the hospital overnight because I didn’t feel safe and wanted to be with my mum but she wasn’t allowed so they sent me home and did more the next day. It sucked because they then decided to fob me off with “oh it is mid cycle pains”. The worst thing about the whole fiasco was that after poking me they basically told the nurses that “yes it looks like a boy but it has a vagina so let’s call it a she” and so I was constantly being misgendered on top of everything a else.


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