Summer, the beach and swimming!

Being trans it is more difficult for me than if I were cis. I found an old binder (someone put it through the tumbledrier so it doesn’t work all that great now) and a tshirt and I unpicked the stitching of the sleeves. Yay. I wish I could just go shirtless, I’ve seen shirtless guys with much bigger boobs than me but I honestly think they must have no shame and I don’t want to be a sight for sore eyes and idk. I can’t wait for top surgery.

Also I had to get swim shorts. My problem, I am an awkward size. I tried large and they fell down whatever I did. I tried medium and my thighs and ass are too big. Hmmmph.

I’m off to the beach today and I finally found some swim shorts I can wear. Unfortunately they are my dad’s. Hopefully next year I can fit in my own.


One thought on “Summer, the beach and swimming!

  1. Keep an eye on the brand you buy. A lot of the big surf brands like Quiksilver or Hurley don’t even fit particularly muscular cis-guys. I usually find that sticking to one of the box-store brands with a drawstring is my best bet.


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