Bone density and blockers and blood tests – oh my!

Yesterday I had another appointment in London. At the uclh, my first appt was  for bone density. It’s fun sitting in a waiting room full of old ladies and the occational visibly trans guy. They call you in, have to do your height and weight then you have to lie under this thing on your back and they strap your foot to this triangle thing and they scan you. Then you have to put your legs on a block and they scan you again (i think that one is looking at the spine). It is important to make sure you aren’t wearing any metal, otherwise you’ll be in considerably less clothing than you intended. Then you wait for the doctor to print off the results and you take them in an envelope to your next appointment (fun fact, my results were doubled, one copy said sex: male and the other said sex: female? Idk). Then I had to go to the children’s ward because I am still a child. Then you get your height and weight done (again) and your blood pressure. Then you wait for ages and ages and do art and origami and stuff whilst you wait. Then you get to sit there with your parent of choice, the dr and someone from the Tavistock team. This appointment was for a review of my blockers. Basically, we talked about any side effects (hot flushes, mood, when the monthly stopped, etc), then we got to the stage where we talked about where my journey is going. I said I would like to start testosterone, they’d basically told me I have to wait another six months before they can talk about that. It was icky but at least this time they didn’t have to see my genitals. Then I had to have a blood test, but the receptionist seemed to think they couldn’t do this in the children’s ward and tried to send me to the main hospital on some bloody wild goose chase and so I started to cry a bit and then the nurse checked if I was ok and decided she could take my blood. She thought I was scared of the needle so she brought a play leader in to talk to me. Unfortunately my veins like to hide so ten minutes later they had finally found a vein. I didn’t bother telling them that I am not scared of needles (I have had lots of blood tests and I’ve had plenty of needles in my bottom so I really don’t care as long as it is a nurse doing it) so I had some lovely conversation about  musicals and the musical I was going to see (High Society at the Old Vic, I highly reccomend it. Kate Fleetwood as Tracy Samantha Lord she is perfect and everyone is perfect and amazing and the tap dance on the piano guy is amazing and the music is amazing and everything is amazing)


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