Sideburns and hair


I experimented with shaving with a normal disposable a few years ago, it felt cool but it annoyed me after a while and I was too lazy and too likely to accidentally cut my skin. But recently I’ve been nicking my dad’s electric shaver and it has this bit that flips out it is for squaring your sideburns. Well, I use it once or twice a week to square my sideburns and I run it over my face to trim all the hairs and it is unbelievable how masculine you feel with a slightly rough face. I’m pre t and I am blond so it’s not like I have any facial hair to speak of anyway so at least this way I don’t look like I don’t need to shave yet it looks like a preference. And squaring the sideburns and keeping them square helps a lot in passing. With shorter hair cuts you obviously  square them shorter but you still have a bit of leway.

Another thing I’ve learnt is if I wet my hair and comb it back then put a beanie hat on then sleep like that does wonders. The hair behaves and the sides stop pointing out and behaves. It is amazing. It leaves my hair in a way that I don’t even need to use product to make it look ok. I can have it in a modern slick back or I can use my comb and do about two strokes and it is in a nice side part but my hair still avoids gravity and it is like using product because yay hair behaves but I’m not!

Someone told me I should shave my hairline into a more masculine shape but since my hairline isn’t overly rounded and I am only 17 I don’t think I need to do that.

So yeah wooo hair.


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