Binders in summer

BInding¬†isn’t fun. Like, ever. ¬†But most of the time I can deal jwith it because it makes me feel better about myself, well, a little. But summer really takes the piss. I frequently can’t breathe and overheat to the point of not just dizziness but actually fainting. I fainted in one of my mock exams … More Binders in summer

Two months

So I am about two months on t, I think. I forgot to go to my appointment today because my phone calendar let me down but they managed to fit me in. Changes so far: i have more hair: arms, legs, chest, tummy, that bit of the back above the butt, etc… i weigh more, … More Two months

I’m on T!

i forgot to update when I got my first T shot on the 22nd of May. It was meant to be on the 21st, but my GP Surgery fucked up (also the Drs in London didn’t help by prescribing something that hasn’t existed since 2009?) in my first month I experienced -Hairs growing on chest … More I’m on T!