I’m on T!

i forgot to update when I got my first T shot on the 22nd of May. It was meant to be on the 21st, but my GP Surgery fucked up (also the Drs in London didn’t help by prescribing something that hasn’t existed since 2009?)

in my first month I experienced

-Hairs growing on chest (mostly on my left side? Lots of them and dark and long?)

-Deeper voice (this happened really quickly in the first week and second week, I now am a Tenor. My voice reaches C and below much easier now, frequently down to an A and sometimes Gs and Fs, but I expect this to continue deepening so I am excited)

-Hungrier (I’m not sure if this is due to me being on a calorie reduced diet and getting sick of it or if it is the T making me hungrier)

-More/longer hair on arms, legs, tummy (basically everything is filling in more but still light. Hair grow in in places it didn’t before and longer.)

-Happy trail (ditto on previous thing, it’s not dark yet but much longer)

-Long hair on neck out of mole ( it’s blond but thick and long)

–MoreĀ peach fuzz on face (chin, mustache, sideburns and neck. But it’s growing thicker and longer in those areas. I shaved and there was a lot a lot of fuzz.)

-also, little guy isn’t little. Boners all the time.

i think that’s all?



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