Binders in summer

BInding isn’t fun. Like, ever.  But most of the time I can deal jwith it because it makes me feel better about myself, well, a little. But summer really takes the piss. I frequently can’t breathe and overheat to the point of not just dizziness but actually fainting. I fainted in one of my mock exams earlier this week and I am worried about doing the same in my actual exam.

I wish I didn’t have to wear a binder because I can’t even describe how uncomfortable and sometimes downright painful binding can be. Especially since I spend most of my waking hours binding. So, with school being 9-3, I am in a binder from at least 8-4 every day. Most of the time even longer because I have friends and exterm lessons to do.

i wish I didn’t bind, I wish I could just chop the boobs off. But top surgery is a very very long way away on the NHS. The Tavistock have referred me to adult services but it’ll be at least a year or more before Ive gone through their waiting list and judging from how long everything e,se takes it’ll be years of trying to convince them to chop my boobs off.

sometimes I think of trying to chop them off myself, because I am that desperate but then I think about how messy and painful it would be and how ugly it would look. But it is still tempting.


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