Two months

So I am about two months on t, I think. I forgot to go to my appointment today because my phone calendar let me down but they managed to fit me in.

Changes so far:

i have more hair: arms, legs, chest, tummy, that bit of the back above the butt, etc…

i weigh more, which annoyed me to no end. It might be muscle because at the time it shouldn’t have been extra fat because I’d been on a diet (which I’ve given up until after my exams)

my face is fuzzier.

i feel hot all the time, this might just be summer, I don’t know. Also my veins in my hands are sticking out more, but again that might just be summer.

my eyebrow are growing new hairs?

down below like tis bigger and also boners frequently.

the Adam’s apple thing isn’t like visible but it feels bigger.

my face is greasy as hell and it is spots galore everywhere on it.

also I sound like a twelve yearold

also I am super hungry rn (hence why I’m ok with giving up my diet until my exams are over)


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