Three Months on T

my arms are definately much hairier and so are my legs. and my butt. and my tummy. and my chest. and my face.

my voice is most definately deeper than it was, reaching down to Gs and Fs sometimes  and struggling above an E above middle C. I sound like a thirteen year old and my voice cracks a lot

The little guy is huge compared to what it was. Before I literally couldn’t see it and now you definately can. Especially when it is hard. Which is a frequent occurrence because apparently now my body finds lots of things arousing multiple times a day. I understand teenage boys now. But yeah I have a sex drive now where I never had one before.

my right arm is stronger and bigger and more defined than it was, probably something to do with the jacking off multiple times a day. I should probably swap arms it’s really getting funny looking after like what three or four weeks of jacking off a lot.

there are veins in my hands and into my arm but not much that stand out now, they never did before.

i pass constantly, but I did pre t too. I just now pass as a teenage boy instead of a prepubescent one.


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