One Year on T!

Happy one year on T for me!

It’s been an interesting year. The blood tests say I only have 3.4nmol of T in me (should be between 10nmol and 30nmol) so that’s worrying and I’m surprised my voice even dropped. I’m going to pester the docs who can actually do something about it to do something. I’ve finally been swapped to Nottingham GIC (referred in summer of 2015) and that means I’m in adult services now!

Voice: dropped quite quickly. I naturally had a reasonably deep voice but it dropped about 1/2-3/4 of an octave.

Muscle: I’m lopsided. My right arm is reasonably muscly and my left arm is not. Other than that idk about muscle mass.

Body Hair: more body hair definitely. Lower arm hair longer, got hair growing on upper legs now, got some chest hairs, got (long dark) hair on my upper arm (on left arm but not right?), tummy hair, back hair (unfortunately)

The little guy: a lot bigger than pre t, it can actually be seen. Also the little guy is a pain, it just is hard most of the time, I feel bad for teenage boys.

Facial hair: next to nothing but I’m blond so I don’t expect much ever. Mum counted over 30 on my chin/neck and there are a few on my mustache area and a few on my cheeks but nothing particularly special.

Height and feet haven’t changed but I expected that ahah still 5ft8in and Uk size 10 shoes.

I think that’s everything?
I’ll try and actually update this blog (and not forget my login)


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