First Appointment at Nottingham

Just been to my first appointment in Nottingham. Beforehand I had to fill in a 30 page questionnaire for them and I guess it’s hard for them to make the questions suitable for everyone because a lot of them weren’t appropriate for me (having been on T for a year already and having changed my name in 2014 and all that)
The lady who I met was very nice and I answered her questions and she answered mine. She said she would sort out my T problem and get me in the male range so I can come off the hormone blockers. She also said she would swap me to nebido so I only have to have injections every 12 weeks instead of multiple times a month. She gave me a list of surgeons for top surgery to research and an appointment with a different part of the team in June and another appointment with both of them in September.
Over all, a good experience.
Oh and top surgery wise I’m probably going to Kneeshaw in Hull because he seems decent (and I definitely don’t want to go to Caddy in Sheffield I’ve only heard bad things about him)


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