I hate binders

They are too hot. I’m too hot (…hot damn…) No, but I swear I am boiling. I can’t breathe. Just let me chop them off already, doc. Talking about chopping them off, my next appointment in London is this month. 

I hate my height

I’m 5ft 8in. I know that isn’t short short. I am taller than my mum and my dad by about one or two inches. But my older brothers are 6ft4in and 6ft2in respectively and my younger sibling is 5ft9in. It is just embarrasing. And my best friend who is a girl is also an inch taller … More I hate my height


My mum got complimented on her “granddaughter” today. Me. Owch.

Performing when trans

I’m performing tomorrow and Thursday. I’m nervous. I’m singing. My voice makes me feel so shitty because it is quite high up. All but one of my performances tomorrow involves singing. Two of the five sets on Thursday involve singing. I love singing. But my voice being so high and girly really upsets me. I’ve … More Performing when trans


I don’t like them. I know I am not alone in that. Well, I don’t like them on me. On other people they are fine. On me they are the Himalayan mountains, they are the moobs, the chesticles: you name it I’ve probably used that word in some form to describe them. Part of the … More boobs